TIRPORT Transforms Shippers and Logistics Companies Digitally

TIRPORT Transforms Shippers and Logistics Companies Digitally

TIRPORT transports truckers to digital with its yukCEPte application, cargo owners and logistics companies to digital with TIRPORT Corporate Application and TIRPORT Web-Based Dashboard. TIRPORT Co-Founder and CMO Burcu Kale states that they enable live monitoring and management of over 4,000 FTL shipments per day.

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Established in 2016 as a logistics technology initiative based in Istanbul, TIRPORT transforms the road transport processes in Turkey into a structure that can be tracked from end to end and managed from all platforms. TIRPORT, which was selected as one of the 20 startups that will become ‘Unicorn’ among nearly 7,000 startups in Create@Alibaba, one of the world’s largest startup competitions in 2018, provides end-to-end traceability to the critical transportation operations of Turkey’s leading manufacturers and logistics companies. provides mobility and digital document management services. The company, which enables live monitoring and management of more than 4,000 FTL transports per day, has over 85,000 member trucks and over 2,000 member SME customers.

Stating that they operate on all digital platforms (iOS, Android, web, iPAD) in 7 countries including Turkey and in 6 different languages, TIRPORT Founding Partner and CMO Burcu Kale said, “With the TIRPORT LoadCEPte application, truckers can be transported with the TIRPORT Corporate Application and TIRPORT WEB Based Dashboard. states that they have moved their owners and logistics companies to digital.

Stating that they offer technological solutions to logistics companies, cargo owners, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, SMEs, Trucker Cooperatives and individual truckers in the logistics sector, Kale said, “With TIRPORT, cargo owners and logistics companies can manage all their logistics operations from their MOBILE, in case of any problem. They can intervene immediately. With smart matching&booking technologies powered by artificial intelligence, they can manage the idle capacities in trucks and significantly reduce the empty return rates. They gain the power to minimize the security risks in transportation processes. They can provide location-based, real-time live delivery reporting with enhanced intelligence-supported digital trucker database management and POD (Proof Of Delivery) technologies. Truckers can also access loads suitable for the characteristics of their vehicles, wherever they are. They can take their freight payments to TIRPORT Cards supported by our secure payment system”.

Emphasizing that they are the only platform in Turkey that is 100 percent ready for U-ETDS regulation in terms of infrastructure, Kale states that the U-ETDS reporting infrastructure is also ready with one click from the TIRPORT App: “We made an application to the Ministry of Transport. We are waiting for the system to kick in. In addition, the trucker’s e-invoice, e-waybill, etc. We want to be a solution partner in the fields. The trucker will be able to issue waybills and invoices from his mobile phone.”
Emphasizing that they are among the top 10 technologies in the logistics sector in the world at Crunchbase, Kale said, “We are one of the three technologies that have the ability to manage all operations from CEP to end-to-end among our more than 100 competitors in the world. With more than 85,000 truckers, over 2 thousand SMEs, over 20 large logistics companies and customers with cargo, we are by far the leading company in the sector with the largest operations. We aim to enter 2024 as a unicorn.”
Stating that they plan to reach the level of partial transportation with smart systems and digital platforms in the transportation traffic of 5 thousand trucks between Europe and Turkey in 2023, Kale continues his words as follows: We aim to increase our volume. Our goal is to become the region’s number one digital platform and logistics marketplace on the logistics axis stretching from Europe to China and Africa by the end of 2025, and to reach 1.5 million global truck members. It is also among our goals to ensure rapid passage through customs with green customs technologies and to minimize waits.”

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