TIRPORT Technologies Create Value for All Counterparts of the Logistics Industry

TIRPORT Technologies Create Value

When we look at road transport in the world, 70% of freight transport is done by road. In Turkey, where 859 thousand trucks are on the road, 90% of the transportation is done by highways. 1/3 of the approximately 450 thousand FTL transportations made per day are contracted transportation and 300 thousand transportations are realized in the spot market.

95 percent of the 859 thousand trucks on the roads belong to individuals. A domestic truck waits 2.5 days to find a new load. 37% of them have to return empty despite waiting. On the other hand, 82 percent of our trucks going to Europe have to return empty. This situation not only affects truckers’ budgets negatively, but also increases CO2 emissions, which is the main cause of global warming.

In the light of all these data, it becomes inevitable to keep up with the digital transformation in the world and to resort to digital solutions supported by increased intelligence in order to reduce the waits in the sector, to increase efficiency and to ensure sustainability. Let’s take a look at TIRPORT’s digital assets, which enable both logistics companies and manufacturers and truckers to carry out their current work flow processes more effectively with its technologies;

1. TIRPORT Trucker Application in loadCEP (iOS, Android)

Truckers with TIRPORT With LoadCEPte Application;

  • It can quickly reach the load that meets the characteristics and expectations of the truck, wherever and whenever it wants.
  • While on the road, it can find a return load with the support of smart algorithms.
  • It can be included in the “Reliable” portfolios of certain cargo owners and logistics companies, and can be instantly informed about the cargo opportunities that will arise from them.
  • Can reach TIRPORT Smart Call Center 24/7
  • With the Param Tirport Card, you can receive transportation payments directly to your TIRPORT card and benefit from discounted fuel and other advantages.

In addition, truckers with TIRPORT will soon be able to issue their invoices and waybills via the TIRPORT application.

2. TIRPORT Corporate Application (iOS, Android, i-pad) and TIRPORT WEB Based Dashboard

Loaders and Logistics Companies from TIRPORT Corporate Application and web-based Dashboards;

  • They can monitor and manage all shipping operations 24/7. They can see how many trucks are open in which operations, how many are in the loading phase, how many are on the road, and how many are in the delivery process.
  • They always have digital access to up-to-date trucker paperwork
  • They can access all official documents such as waybills and invoices digitally from anywhere.
  • They can create a reliable trucker pool from the truckers they have transported and are satisfied with, and they can first offer them loads when they need it.
  • They can select trucks with the qualifications they are looking for, nearby and “available” from the TIRPORT “Find Suitable Truck” module. They can check all the past performance and reliability of the truckers online, and recommend loads to the ones they see fit.
  • They can foresee the truck stuck in the customs, the driver waiting where it should not stop, the one who changes its route, the one who cannot reach the unloading point on time, the one that has arrived at the unloading point and is still waiting for unloading, and they can be instantly informed of the disruptions.
  • From TIRPORT WEB-Based Dashboards, all the reports they need on TIRPORT management panels are always ready for their specific real-time, location-based, time slots.

In addition, the U-ETDS reporting infrastructure that the Ministry of Transport’s New Highways Regulation will make mandatory as of January 01, 2022 is ready at TIRPORT.

3. TIRPORT Smart Call Center

In the calls made by the truckers to the TIRPORT Smart Call Center, all information about the trucker, truck and transportation, including the details of the previous conversation, is displayed on the screen of the Customer Representative. The Customer Representative forwards all this information to the Operations Officer regarding the SSL link. Thus, the time spent to solve the problem is shortened and a faster solution is reached.


When the truck of the trucker with TIRPORT is loaded, all the transport information of the load is digitally processed into the system. Loading and delivery points, loading and unloading times and conditions are added to the cargo information as well as the details of the waybill regarding the cargo. While the truck is on its way, TIRPORT generates a secure SSL link specific to that transport. When this link is clicked, besides all the waybill information of the cargo, the transportation process can be monitored live. The trucker can be contacted via the TIRPORT application, delays etc. You can be instantly informed about the situation.

5. TIRPORT Drive Technology

With the “Tırport Drive” technology, besides the driving performance of the truck drivers and the qualifications of the drivers, the brands, models, trailers, etc. of the trucks can be determined. can be measured comparatively, taking into account the criteria.

Dozens of criteria, from effective driving to acceleration-braking abnormalities, from detecting excessive fuel consumption to possible tire problems, and the driver’s phone usage habits on the road, are analyzed with the Tırport Mobile Application, and solutions related to driving behaviors are produced by grouping them.

6. TIRPORT Insights

As TIRPORT’s logistics information service, TRInsights provides summary information on data from the Turkish logistics industry, comparative analyzes from the world and Turkey, and reports published by official government agencies and industry associations.

  • Turkey road transport traffic density map
  • Density map of Turkey’s freight exit points by city-district
  • Periodic comparisons and analyzes regarding the sector, infographics showing the pulse of the sector
  • Reports published by various private and public institutions on the sector Important news, reports, evaluations and analyzes from the world and Turkey concerning the logistics sector
  • Industry-leading articles and reviews
  • Anonymized data sets based on real data that students and academics at universities can use in academic studies
  • Open source library services to support artificial intelligence studies in the industry
  • It is aimed to present deep learning infrastructures that enable the direction of artificial intelligence studies such as natural language processing, making sense of text or visual content, developing suggestion systems, and optimization of distribution systems for the sector.