TIRPORT Proudly Presents Next Generation Electronic Freight Payment System: Param TIRPORT Card

Param TIRPORT Card

Freight payment is about which party in a transaction bears the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of the invoice associated with that shipment. Traditionally, shippers bear the brunt of that burden, receiving freight bills and ensuring those bills accurately reflect what was agreed upon in their contract, plus any fees or rate variances that arose during the course of the move.

There has long been a way for shippers to turn the story on its head, though, using a process generally referred to as “self-invoicing” or “self-pay.

The past few years have seen the advent of mobile opportunities for trucking paperwork. Truckers can now use their mobile phones for a wide variety of processes.

For example, Turkey-based Leading Digital Freight Service TIRPORT reached 42K+ member truckers within two years. Drivers can mark loads picked up or delivered, they can have bills of lading signed, and they can submit any form of paperwork digitally right from their very own phone.

TIRPORT aims to add value at the logistics sector with the next generation Electronic Freight Payment System “Param TIRPORT Card”. With rapid improvement of technology in today’s conditions, online payment systems being used more frequently, by quickly conforming to the changing conditions in the sector with its innovative structure.

TIRPORT is the Leading Digital Freight Platform in Turkey and MENA Region. We connect carriers to shippers to move thousands of truckloads, saving money for shippers/LoadOwners, reducing hassle for carriers, and eliminating carbon waste for our planet. We use augmented intelligence technologies and data to solve problems of waste and inefficiency in the trucking industry. Most of leading Shippers trust TIRPORT to manage their operations and trucker fleets to increase logistics efficiency and achieve sustainability targets.

Param TIRPORT Card exists to increase efficiencies and streamline collaboration between shippers and carriers, and we continue innovating to make invoice processing and payment a better experience for both parties. With the TIRPORT platform, we are enhancing shipper freight payment experiences and helping carriers get paid faster. We are excited to leverage the TIRPORT Advanced Visibility Platform to automate more manual processes in the future.

TIRPORT’s advanced monitoring and visibility goes beyond just providing more accurate and predictive shipment tracking information — it delivers end-to-end supply-chain visibility, including automation of payment and other key transportation processes. From the moment a company begins planning a shipment, to the point that they pay freight charges, our platform gives folks across the supply chain the real-time information they need to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve shipping performance, and deliver an Amazon-like experience to their customers. TIRPORT has led the industry with its freight payment offering, so it makes sense they are among the first to integrate an advanced visibility platform into a freight payment solution.

Param TIRPORT Card is also an electronic money provides advantages, discounts and secure pay opportunity to its individual or commercial users

You can transfer money without the need for a bank account with your Param account, withdraw money from ATMs, bill payment transactions, secure shopping on the internet and in the store. It may also benefit from the advantages provided by contracted member firms.

If you have a Param TIRPORT Card, you also have a unique IBAN account number. You may transfer your balance found in Param to a credit card, bank account and Param member cards. You can conduct the transaction easily and quickly by logging into the internet branch and selecting the type of transfer in the “Param Transferi” tab. You can load TL onto Param through the Param website, Param mobile app, from ATM’s, via money transfer or EFT from the bank.

Param TIRPORT Card also provides the opportunity to make payments at payment points found at gate passes, parking lots, social facilities and at all POS in the system without carrying cash and waiting for change. It also provides exclusive shopping opportunity in various sectors like fuel and clothing.

Param TIRPORT Freight Payment is a powerful freight audit and payment system that lets shippers and carriers manage their freight payment and audit for the all transportation modes with a single solution. We make it easy for you to work together online to manage your transportation invoices and freight payments.

We’ll guide you through replacing paper-based processes with an integrated, optimized fully electronic freight payment system. You’ll uncover cost savings, increase financial control, and gain visibility into freight spend. Get the reliability and visibility to make your supply chain a strategic advantage.