TIRPORT Logistics Meets with the World of Logistics at Forum’17

TIRPORT Logistics Meets with the World of Logistics at Forum'17

TIRPORT meets the logistics world at the Logistics Forum’17 , to be organized by 7 Tepe University Logistics Club at Kozyatağı Hilton. TIRPORT Turkey Operations Manager Mert Ayçıl will explain TIRPORT and its effects on Industry 4.0 to the forum participants.

Yeditepe University Logistics Club

Yeditepe University Logistics Club was founded in 2006 by Güvenç Arca and a group of entrepreneurial students studying at Yeditepe University Faculty of Commercial Sciences, Department of International Logistics and Transportation. The Logistics Club, which passed this year in the establishment phase, has attracted the attention of many segments with the breakthroughs it has made in recent years. Yeditepe University Logistics Club, which was restructured especially after 2007, started to experience its golden age in 2008. During this period, with his works; It entered our school’s “most active club” ranking, strengthened its sectoral relations, attracted the attention of different logistics clubs, and gained the appreciation of important companies and institutions in the logistics industry. Continuing its activities with a strong momentum, the Logistics Club becomes a leading club with the activities it carries out.