TIRPORT is One of The Top 5 Logistics Technologies in the World

TIRPORT is One of The Top 5 Logistics Technologies in the world

The Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) is a global entrepreneur contest organized by Alibaba Group and is the largest startup event in the world has hosted to date. First held in 2015, as a series of contests for global entrepreneurs accredited by the Alibaba Group. This is a competition among the best startup entrepreneurs in the technology field in collaboration with world famous media outlets, venture capital investors, and top-level partners from around the world.

Create@Alibaba 2018 Global Startup Contest Finals was held in Hangzhou on November 14-15, one of the leading technology cities of China.

9.000 Startups from over 100 countries and 17 different regions are participated to the rounds of Contest. TIRPORT was qualified for the global finals. TIRPORT also was selected on of the “20 Startups That Will Be Unicorn”.


TIRPORT continues to grow. We now operate in 4 different languages, among 5 countries. We are listed as one of the 5 leading logistics technologies in the. World and Europe at the global Crunchbase Index. (https://www.crunchbasecom/search/organizations/field/organizations/categories/freight-service)

We manage an operation as much as the largest logistics company in Turkey with only 42 people. More than 55,000 truckers are right proud to be “TIRPORT members”. Leading Shippers and logistics Companies in Turkey started to prefer TIRPORT for managing their Logistics Operations End-To-End.

In the next two years, we aim to manage over 20.000 truck FTL transportation per day and to operate in more than 20 countries.