TIRPORT Brings Logistics Companies Together with Smartphones, CRM and ERP

TIRPORT Brings Logistics Companies Together with Smartphones, CRM and ERP

TIRPORT, on the one hand to the Logistics Firms and Transport Cooperatives, and on the other hand to the Loaders; It offers a serious technological infrastructure in terms of traceability and control of transport-transport processes, enabling them to touch CRM and ERP in a practical way…

There are large and small Logistics Firms in Turkey, the number of which reaches 6 thousand. 95% of them do road transport. About 2 thousand of them mediate at least 20 uploads per day.

Transport company structures in Turkey are very different from the world examples. Many transport companies do not have a single truck of their own. He is mediating. The OWN RATE of transport companies in Turkey is below 5%.

On the other hand, there is the same concern for truckers. He invests heavily in his truck, he always needs to be able to find a load. Some of them are organized all over Anatolia under the name of “Transport Cooperatives” in order to be able to stand against shipping companies. There are 484 transport cooperatives in Turkey, where approximately 76,000 truckers are chasing bread.

The struggle for bread in the market creates a much more critical sensitivity in terms of the safety of the transportation process and the protection of the rights of the parties. Because shipping companies need reliable truckers to whom they can always entrust their cargo, and truckers need cargo that will enable them to take bread home and reliable Freight Providers that they can get paid for.

The main source of income of many transportation companies in Anatolia is the commissions they receive from the trucker himself in return for the cargo. These commissions can vary between 50-200 TL. Not to mention the commission. In Turkey, the cash money returned in one day only in the “loading commission” is over 50 million TL.

With its strong CRM and ERP infrastructure, TIRPORT offers technological platforms that will fairly protect the rights of all parties in the transportation process. As the latest point of Mobile Technologies, to Truckers; While saying “Load is in the Pocket”, it can also say to Cargo Payers and Transport Companies with the assurance of the Applications on Smartphones, “Your Cargo is Safe, Your Cargo is at Your Tracking Every Moment”.

Advantages Offered to Transport Companies and Transport Cooperatives Making Institutional Agreements with TIRPORT:
* Ability to find trucks suitable for their needs, when and where they need them.
* Reaching reliable drivers thanks to TIRPORT Performance System and Online Safety Research
* Being informed about real transportation prices on certain lines in the sector
* Thanks to the TIRPORT 3D Loading simulator, you can learn in 5 minutes which type of trucks and crates the cargo to be loaded from the warehouse, port or factory can fit into. Ability to simulate (previously see in 3D) in
* Ability to monitor the installation status from an authorized screen, be informed about developments and disruptions instantly with “instant messages”
* If desired, manage the process using the TIRPORT secure payment system
* Getting discounted fuel from Petrol Ofisi stations with which TIRPORT has a contract
* Real-time monitoring of the transportations of the customers served by the freight forwarder.
* Instant monitoring of all transports and upload-download processes
* To be able to keep the historical information of all the transports in the system. Recording all processes related to transportation (including waybills, invoices).
* Ability to create win-win environments with service providers who are members of the system
* Leveraging the power of the TIRPORT platform to create a “Return Payload”
Advantages of TIRPORT for Cargo Truckers:
* Practical access to loads suitable for the characteristics of your vehicle from your mobile phone whenever and wherever you want
* Ability to quickly bid on the loads selected from the TIRPORT application on the mobile phone
* With the approval of the offer, you can easily go to the loading point with the navigation support of the TIRPORT application.
* Tracking the payment processes through the system
* Waybill, invoice, etc. the ability to upload official documents to the system with a mobile phone, loss, etc. do not get stuck in situations
* Getting discounted fuel with TIRPORT Card from all Petrol Ofisi
* Being able to be informed, bid and manage the process with instant messages about the loads suitable for the return route and time while still on the road
* With TIRPORT’s “Nearest” service, you can immediately find the nearest repairman-service when you are on the road, and be instantly informed about the opportunities of the city.
* Ability to follow all payment processes through the system
* Getting support from TIRPORT Call Center (0850 TIRPORT) 24/7 for all kinds of problems