TIRPORT Became The Digital Platform of the Logistics Industry

TIRPORT Became THE Digital Platform of the Logistics Industry

Listed as one of the few Digital Freight Services and Logistics Technologies in Europe in Gartner’s latest Road Freight Transport Global Report, Tırport has become Turkey’s largest digital platform by far.

As of today, 75 thousand of 1.2 million truckers in our country use the Tirport Platform and it is aimed to reach 250 thousand active users in 3 years. More than 2,000 SMEs, mostly from OIZs, who are members of Tırport, open more than 500 new loads a day from the Tırport Platform. Thousands of individual truckers find their return load from Tirport.


In addition to the leading logistics and manufacturing companies of our country, giant manufacturers in Europe have started to prefer TIRPORT as the TMS (Transport Management System) technology in their world operations. As of today, Tırport has more than 3,500 FTL operations per day; It offers Traceability+Mobility+Digital Delivery Documents Management (Visibility+ Mobility+ POD) services. It operates in 5 countries and 6 languages, from iOS, Android, iPAD and web Dashboards. “Tırport Corporate APP” is the only mobile application in the world where logistics operations can be managed end-to-end from mobile. An average of 450 thousand trucks receive loads every day in Turkey. According to Tırport Insights data, while the number of daily uploads in Turkey drops to 200 thousand at the weekend, it can reach over 600 thousand on Mondays and Tuesdays. Unfortunately, 1/3 of the trucks seen on the road cannot find a return load at the appropriate time and place, so unfortunately they have to return empty. Tırport is on its way to becoming the new hope of the shipping market, 90% of which belongs to individual truckers, and logistics companies trying to fill their fleets.

Source: https://www.stendustri.com.tr/depolama-cozumleri/tirport-lojistik-sektorunde-digital-platform-haline-geldi-h115607.html