TIRPORT Adds Value To Shippers With The Power Of TIRPORT Techs Shippers Can Manage All Their Transportation Processes End-To-End

Bugünün Lojistiğini Yarının Teknolojileriyle Yönetmeye Var Mısınız?

TIRPORT offers an end-to-end logistics solution that combines a freight marketplace with company drivers and strategic partnerships to provide a powerful suite of services and transloading.

Through its technology platform, TIRPORT offers shippers a way to connect with a network of more than 700,000 truck owners and operators in order to discover excess capacity.

TIRPORT has a unique technology that provides shipping companies and carriers smart and efficient solutions to transport the most diverse types of products in any parts of Turkey. We connect over thousands shippers with 1.2 million truckers to eliminate excess capacity. TIRPORT save on shipping costs for shippers, increase earnings for truckers and reduces C02 emissions generated by empty trucks on the road.

Benefits for Shippers and Logistics Companies:

  • Manage all your logistics operation instantly with the customized TIRPORT Company Dashboards and TIRPORT Commercial App
  • Connect with vetted carriers when you needed
  • Build your own trustworthy trucker fleet
  • Manage all your shipments end-to-end digitally
  • Increase capacity, optimize supply chain
  • Speed cash flow with digitization
  • Rapid and guaranteed payment with Param TIRPORT Card
  • Get real-time updates with TIRPORT Smart Call Center
  • Reduce fuel costs, waste and down-time on a near real time basis.
  • Keep your trucks moving and working for you with better awareness for re-routing and deployments.
  • Manage customer expectations with near real time location information and notifications when your trucks are near delivery points or running behind.
  • Know when your assets are on the move, what speeds they are going, and whether your equipment is being moved right from your smart phone.
  • Flexibility to suspend/reactivate service for seasonal trucks.
    Know where all of your trucks are right from you computer, phone, iPad or Tablet.
  • Create unlimited enter/exit zones around pick up and drop off points and be notified when your trucks are “getting close” or are back on the road.
  • Review available drivers, including both their active and future jobs. Assign routes and keep in touch with drivers via text or voice.
  • Real-time, 24/7 tracking and management
  • Know where your shipments and drivers are, and when to be ready for offload or onload.
  • With data provided by TIRPORT, analyze the efficiencies of your fleet and identify opportunities to improve your operations. Speed through processing with paperless invoices, PODs.