The Epidemic Digitizes Turkey’s Logistics Sector

Epidemic Digitizes Turkey's Logistics Sector

TIRPORT Logistics Technologies Startup, which entered 2020 by being selected as one of the “20 Startups that will become Unicorns” in the world finals of Create@Alibaba, the biggest Startup competition of the world, continues to digitize its logistics management from end to end.

The coronavirus continues to permanently change the way we do and manage business in the world. Now, many seemingly impossible jobs are becoming manageable remotely/from home.

Compared to e-Commerce, the digital transformation of the service sector, which is on its way more calmly, has accelerated tremendously these days when social distancing is vital. Banking, education, logistics and health sectors are going digital. Many services we need in daily life are transitioning to location-based and real-time supply-demand management, thanks to new generation digital platforms supported by smart algorithms.

TIRPORT grew by 30 percent in the last month despite the coronavirus crisis

Digitizing its logistics management from end to end, TIRPORT is a candidate to digitize the 100 Billion USD Turkish logistics industry with its applications supported by smart algorithms. TIRPORT has come to the fore as a unique solution that many SMEs have started to prefer for the uninterrupted execution of logistics in these days when social distance must be maintained with the ongoing coronavirus crisis. TIRPORT, the Logistics Technologies Startup, continues to digitize its logistics management from end to end, entering 2020 by being selected as one of the “20 Startups that will become Unicorns” among thousands of Startups in the world finals of Create@Alibaba, the world’s largest Startup competition.

Noting that they have digitized the logistics management from end to end with the business model supported by artificial intelligence algorithms they have developed, TIRPORT Board Member Responsible for Marketing Burcu Kale said:

“In these days when even the biggest logistics companies in Turkey can transport a maximum of 1,500 trucks per day, TIRPORT increased its business volume by more than 30 percent to 1800 trucks per day in the period between March 15 and April 15 due to the high demand from SMEs, especially in the spot market. When SMEs could not reach suitable trucks with the classical methods they were used to due to the coronavirus, they started to explore the digital platform TIRPORT. Likewise, truckers quickly become members of TIRPORT and there are nearly 35,000 active truckers in our system. As TIRPORT, we aim to manage nearly 5 thousand transports per day by the end of this year. This figure means that it has reached a volume that is twice that of Turkey’s largest logistics company. The 2023 target of TIRPORT is to reach a market share of 7 percent in the market, to be able to manage 30 thousand transports per day, to find cargo from 250 thousand truckers in Turkey and to be the number 1 choice for catching return cargo while still on the road. TIRPORT digitizes end-to-end finding your cargo and managing logistics from your pocket.”

Logistics Management goes end-to-end digital

The Turkish logistics market has a highly dispersed structure. While the largest logistics companies in Turkey have a market share of approximately 5 percent, their own property ratios are also quite low. Logistics companies find trucks from the spot at a level of 95 percent and have them transported. In Turkey, the weight of transportation is actually on the shoulders of individual truckers.

At this point, TIRPORT comes into play with the technologies it has developed and gradually put into operation for 4.5 years. TIRPORT, which has made a name for itself in the sector with its solutions supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, has become one of the most ambitious digital platforms in Europe.

Logistics companies have the power to manage all their operations end-to-end with TIRPORT applications, and to control the trucker portfolio in real-time, location-based, while truckers can be instantly informed about the cargo opportunities close to their location with the TIRPORT Yukcepte application on their mobile phones.