Technological Advantages of Next Generation Logistics Actors

Technological advantages of new generation logistics actors:

  1. Real-time, location-based end-to-end monitoring of cargo and its journey (Visibility)
  2. Instant access to all documentation related to transportation from waybill to invoice, driver, vehicle and insurance information, digital delivery confirmations and instant reporting (Proof Of Delivery, POD)
  3. Everything from temperature control to breaks and customs clearance can be done with IoTs and sensors that can be managed with smartphones (Mobility)
  4. Transformation of classical operation management into smart operation management with much less personnel (Smart Logistics Tower)
  5. Continuously optimized freight journey and efficient fleet management from the pocket (Smart Optimization)
  6. Flexible and agile platforms that can rapidly adapt to technological developments (Agility)
  7. Intermodal (air-sea-land and rail) traceability of cargo with a single dashboard (Augmented Visibility)
  8. Instant and historical driving safety and transportation performance monitoring (AI-Supported Driver Performance Management)
  9. Integrated smart and secure payment systems (Smart and Secure Payment)
  10. Improved next generation dynamic customer satisfaction (Expended UX, XuX)

TIRPORTcontinues to transform the logistics industry and play a pioneering role together with hundreds of new generation digital forwarders around the world.