SME’s Have an Output of 300 Thousand Trucks Per Day

Every day 300 thousand truckloads come out of SMEs

In Turkey, where an average of 450 thousand trucks are loaded daily, most of the trucks on the roads are loaded by SMEs. SME’s have an output of 300 thousand trucks per day.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), there are 3.5 million SMEs in our country and 99.8 percent of general companies are in SME status. 74 percent of total employment works in SMEs. In Turkey, 63 percent of exports, 54 percent of salaries and wages, and 62 percent of the GNP produced are provided by SMEs. Approximately 12.5 million people are employed in SMEs. 401 thousand (12.4%) of 3.5 million SMEs in Turkey are directly manufacturing. According to 2020 data, the number of employees in the manufacturing sector is around 3 million. SMEs are the backbone of our country. Noting that hundreds of thousands of trucks receive loads every day in Turkey, Tırport Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan said: “In our country, where an average of 450 thousand trucks are loaded daily, 2/3 of the trucks you see on the roads are loading from SMEs. In other words, 300 thousand truckloads come out of SMEs every day”.


Stating that most of the cargo in our country comes from OIZs and port areas, Tırport President Dr. Akın Arslan stated the following: “There are 352 organized industrial zones in 81 provinces in Turkey. 327 of the OIZs are affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and 25 of them are Agricultural-Based Specialized OIZs affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 259 of these OIZs are active and their establishment has been completed. There are 67 thousand SMEs producing in OIZs. 2 million 170 thousand people are directly employed in these SMEs. The share of SMEs in total production reached 35%. Of the 84 thousand enterprises that exported in 2019, 60.8 percent are micro-scale, 27.1 percent are small-scale and 9.5 percent are medium-sized companies. In 2020, large-scale companies realized 43.7 percent of total exports across Turkey. In 2020, SMEs realized approximately 59 percent of exports. The total export value of SMEs has exceeded 110 billion dollars. In the light of these evaluations, we can say that most of the loads received by tens of thousands of trucks come from OIZs and port areas.”


Explaining that SME producers have a difficult job and they produce with scarce resources, Tırport President Dr. Akın Arslan continued his speech as follows: “SMEs cannot foresee 2 months ahead as a production plan. There are no “full truckloads” of what we often describe as FTL. They would like to be able to send a few pallets, one or two covers. It is difficult to work with logistics companies on contracts, because they may not be able to give an exact date for transportation. They produce to order and want to send it to their customers when finished. They make their truck needs through traditional channels they know. It is a dream for them to be able to reach reliable, suitable and suitable trucks instantly, to monitor the load on the road digitally, to be reported live during unloading processes, etc. Being able to make secure payments to the trucker with a method preferred by both parties, and to access the approved invoice and waybill digitally from mobile is almost beyond imagination. Tırport, which was designed and implemented to meet the logistics needs of the future in Turkey, has made all these dreams possible in 7 countries where it operates. It started to serve global customers as well as Turkish customers. Tırport now lists hundreds of new loads of SMEs every day. It is possible to reach hundreds of alternative trucks, all of which can be checked for their historical transport performance and which can be candidates for your load at that moment, from Tırport, and all official documents, including their insurances, are digitally checked under the assurance of Tırport.”