7 Advantages TIRPORT Technologies Provide for Shippers

What are the 7 Values TIRPORT Technologies Provide to Cargo Owners?

Leading the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry, Tırport enables logistics companies, manufacturers and truckers to effectively manage their current workflow processes with its technologies. Tırport, which is among the 3 leading digital platforms in Europe in logistics, provides services in 5 countries and 6 languages on iOS, Android, iPad and Web Dashboards.

Leading the digital transformation of logistics with its enhanced intelligence-supported solutions, TIRPORT adds 7 values to cargo owners;

  1. With TIRPORT, which provides service from all digital platforms, cargo owners can manage their operations end-to-end and monitor all transportation processes instantly. They can have instant information about the entrances and exits to the loading and unloading points, the waiting and delay situations on the road, and they can intervene immediately when necessary.
    Managing the operational processes end-to-end gives the power to analyze the workflow processes in detail. Thus, they reduce their costs by optimizing their operations, reducing the workload and the error rate.
  2. When they have urgent truck needs, they can immediately reach available and reliable truckers via TIRPORT, review their performance and recommend loads to the truckers they choose.
  3. They can define as “Approved Truckers” that they are satisfied with the transportation performance of the truckers they work with, and they can first offer them loads in case of urgent needs.
  4. With TIRPORT, they gain the power to manage their documents digitally. Trucker documents and delivery documents for each transport are digitally archived; In case of need, the documents of the relevant transportation can be easily accessed. TIRPORT technologies do not allow the loading of transport documents before they reach the loading and unloading points. Thus, cargo owners know that both their cargo and transport documents are safe.
  5. With TIRPORT, manufacturers can monitor the transportation process of their products live and enable them to access their waybills and invoices. What they need to do is to share TIRPORT’s secure SSL link specific to transportation with their customers. When the truck of the trucker with TIRPORT is loaded, all the transport information of the load is digitally processed into the system. Loading and delivery points, loading and unloading times and conditions are added to the cargo information as well as the details of the waybill regarding the cargo. While the truck is on its way, TIRPORT generates a secure SSL link specific to that transport. When this link is clicked, besides all the waybill information of the cargo, the transportation process can be monitored live. Thus, they provide their customers with a better customer experience.
  6. They can make their freight payments to the truckers’ TIRPORT Card. Thus, they can enable the truckers they work with to be instantly informed of the payment received, to withdraw cash from all ATMs 24/7 without being tied to a single bank, and to benefit from many advantages including fuel.
  7. They can make sound predictions by accessing all kinds of reports they need regarding their operational processes based on real-time data.