TIRPORT Driver’s League Started under the Sponsorship of CEVA Logistics. Champion Truckers of January 2019 Receive Their Awards with Ceremony

TIRPORT Drivers League January 2019 Champions

TIRPORT, which digitized Logistics Management, and CEVA Logistics, which continues to conquer the hearts of truckers with innovative applications in the sector, created a fresh excitement in truckers with the “TIRPORT DRIVE LEAGUE” application they implemented together.

TIRPORT brings together cargo owners and logistics companies with truckers with the TIRPORT LoadCepte Application on smartphones. The platform enables location-based tracking and real-time management of logistics operations. It also keeps the trucker’s handling performance, enabling truckers who do their job well to reach the load faster.

TIRPORT Drivers League


TIRPORT continues to provide opportunities for Cargo Carriers by breaking new ground in the logistics sector with the TIRPORT Driver League it has implemented. As of January 2019, the “TIRPORT Drivers League” was activated under the sponsorship of CEVA Logistics.

TIRPORT not only enables drivers to reach their loads; It offers drivers the chance to earn points from each successful transport and convert their earned points into cash prizes. As a result of the points calculated on a monthly basis, the top five drivers in the league rankings are entitled to a cash prize. TIRPORT member drivers can also use their TIRPORT points they have accumulated for a year to be paid by contracted tyres, mechanics, service, spare parts, warehouses, parks, etc. receive services at a discount.

The TIRPORT Drivers League, the first stage of which was completed in January 2019, was the scene of great contention. The winners were announced with the award ceremony held on Thursday, February 21 at CEVA Logistics Headquarters. Awards and certificates were given by CEVA and TIRPORT managers.

Degree Name and Surname TIRPORT Score

1 Recep Çelik 17,916

2 İbrahim Akdeniz 16,536

3 Nihat Stone 11,069

4 Omar Abaka 10,848

5 Levent Kıras 10,268

Awards will continue to be given each month. Truckers using TIRPORT will compete every month to be among the best.

TIRPORT Drivers League
TIRPORT Drivers League