PARAMKART and TIRPORT Announced a Huge Collaboration

ParamCard TIRPORT Collaboration

Turkey’s first Electronic Money Company “Turk Elektronik Para A.Ş.” (authorized by the Interbank Card Center – BKM) and ambitious technology firm “TIRPORT” has announced a huge collaboration in the logistics sector.

Turk Elektronik Para A.Ş. (Turk Electronic Money INC), who has focused on future payment systems, is the first payment firm that accepted to be a member of BKM. Besides bringing lots of innovations to the market, “Turk Elektronik Para” is the first electronic Money firm that has the TROY and MasterCard license.

By the development of Mobile App with latest Technologies, TIRPORT has digitalized End-To-End Logistics Management System and created a worldwide digital platform.

TIRPORT digital platform was also one of the global finalists for the Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest in 2018 where thousands of rivals has involved to the contest from 20 countries to able to get a pass ticket for global finals in Hangzhou.

With this huge collaboration, specially designed Param TIRPORT Cards (TROY licensed) will be distribute to the thousands of truckers. Hence, transportation payments can be done by electronic money with the trust of TIRPORT and Turk Para.

Transportation sector’s volume is over 300 Billion TL

Turkey is the largest truck market in Europe. There’re 1.2 Million SRC (licensed for trucker) licensed drivers earn money from that business. In Turkey, each and every day approximately 600 thousand trucks carry full truck loads (FTL) by highways. 850 thousand trucks are on the roads and %92 of all the transportation is being done by highways. Hundreds of logistics firms, transportation cooperatives, cargo firms and thousands of sub-constructors are busy for that business.

“Payment” is one of the most critical phases of the transportation sector because of market volume which is roughly 300 billion TL/yearly. Among the logistics companies, self-owned truck ratio is under %5 of their fleet and %95 of the trucks belongs to individual owners. The operational difficulties and official liabilities of the trucks directly belong to the trucker. Therefore, payment tools and liquidity are very critical for truckers.

Daily payment in the Turkish transportation sector is over 800 Million TL. At least 1/3 of this payment has been done by cash directly. This makes more than 250 million TL that daily payment to the drivers has been done by cash.

Param TIRPORT card will end truckers’ payment problems.

By the help of Mobile App Technologies, TIRPORT provides End-To-End Online Freight Management Capability to load owners.

Under the trust of Turk Elektronik Para’s TROY licensed “Param TIRPORT Kart”, it will be possible to make payments easily via 2.9 millions of POS devices and will be easy to reach the cash via thousands of ATM devices in Turkey.

With the help of Param TIRPORT Kart, thousands of truckers will get rid of payment waiting processes, etc. By the way, Logistic firms and load owners can make transportation payments 7/24 directly to the truckers’ Param TIRPORT cards. Truckers can instantly see and follow the payments from the TIRPORT Mobile App.

With Param TIRPORT cards, truckers can get discounted fuel from contractual fuel firms, make shopping from thousands of contractual shops and firms in Turkey.

Param TIRPORT Card aims to get at least 200.000 Truckers, 10.000 Company Member until the end of 2020. Their plan is to reach 10 Million TL transaction per day within 2 years.