E-commerce Volume in Turkey Approaches 200 Billion TL by the End of 2020

E-commerce Volume in Turkey

The amount of e-commerce, which was 136 billion TL in 2019, is running to 200 billion TL at the end of this year.

ConnectionDays, the most comprehensive digital summit of 2020, is held on 16-17 December. This year’s theme was “Digitalization in Logistics, Energy & Supply Chain”.

“E-commerce”, which is accepted as a channel of commerce, is now turning into commerce itself and the DNA of e-commerce is changing. More than 100 professional speakers will take place in 34 sessions in 2 days at the ConnectionDays digital summit.

Akın Arslan

In Turkey, e-Commerce reached 14 percent

Noting that the volume of e-commerce has doubled this year in our country and in the world with the effect of the pandemic , TTT Global Chairman of the Board Dr. Akin Arslan said:

“In 2019, the rate of e-commerce in total retail sales in the world was 10% and approximately 4 trillion dollars was spent in e-commerce. Before the pandemic, this rate; It was 20% in China, 14% in the USA, 12% in Europe on average, and around 6% in Turkey. By the end of 2020, world e-commerce volume is running to 7 trillion dollars. There is literally an e-commerce revolution in China and the share of e-commerce in total trade has approached 40%. In Turkey, it has reached 14%,” he said.

In Turkey, e-Commerce Volume is running to 200 Billion TL by the end of 2020

Stating that 36.5% of internet users in our country use e-commerce, TTT Global President Dr. Akın Arslan stated the following: “In this period, when working from home has become more intense and education has completely switched to remote mode, the prevalence of the internet has increased much more.

Internet access rate from homes in Turkey increased to 90.4%. 79% of our population now has internet access. In Turkey, while 20 percent of the population was shopping online before the pandemic, this rate increased to 50% by the end of 2020. The amount of e-commerce, which was 136 billion TL in 2019, is running to 200 billion TL at the end of this year.”

99% of E-Commerce is logistics

Continuing his words by saying that e-commerce means “logistics” , TTT Global President Dr. Akin Arslan He said: “Even though you undertake to offer the best product in the world to the customer at the most affordable price, if you cannot deliver the goods to your customers at the expected speed and with the expected quality, you will fail. 99% of e-commerce is logistics. If you cannot deliver the goods that meet the expectations of the customers, you will not have a chance to be successful. If you can’t manage the delivery operation effectively while supplying and distributing fast, if you can’t collect the returns in a smart way while distributing, the result will be disappointment. Especially in the clothing segment, the return rates of purchased products are approaching 40%. There is no way you can solve this operation with conventional cargo systems. You have to use location-based smart systems supported by mobile applications. Instead of trying to send products to the whole country from a small number of warehouses, new generation procurement technologies developed with increased intelligence that can collect orders regionally where they come from, can focus on orders based on location, instantly see the stock status of approved product suppliers in that region or ask them live with a B2B App. need to think. Then, unnecessary inventory costs will be eliminated, and the swelling will disappear no matter how big the business volume grows.”

TIRPORT is starting a new era in E-Commerce logistics with the RapidChain Technology it has developed

Speaking at the Logistics, Energy & Supply Chain Digitalization summit , TTT Global President Dr. Akın Arslan stated that a new era will begin in logistics with RapidChain technology and said:

“One of these technologies, called “Last Mile Delivery” in its original expression, was developed by the Turkish startup TIRPORT, which is among the top 10 companies in the world in logistics technologies, and manages a huge logistics operation of close to 3,000 trucks per day with a team of only 50 people. TIRPORT, RapidChain powered by artificial intelligence ( www.rapidchains.com) technology offers a revolutionary technology in distribution to retail groups that have dealers/suppliers throughout Turkey. GSM operator, white goods manufacturer or clothing store chain intelligently brings together their suppliers/dealers with customers by integrating RapidChain into their existing e-commerce structures, even if they do not have a special technology of their own. Thus, a mobile phone purchased from the website of a major GSM operator can be delivered to the customer within a day from the nearest authorized dealer to the place of purchase. A customer ordered a dress within 2 km. He can go to the store at a distance and receive it immediately.” he said.

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