150 Billion Lira Unregistered Digital Solution in Logistics TIRPORT

In Logistics, 150 Billion TL Unregistered Digital Solution! TIRPORT

No more unregistered 150 billion TL in logistics!

In our country, where 900 thousand trucks are loaded every day, the annual turnover in the logistics sector has approached 400 billion TL. About 40% of this figure mentions the existence of an informal economy. Aiming to scrutinize the informal economy with online monitoring in the logistics sector, the State rolled up its sleeves to register approximately 150 Billion TL.

The new “Road Transport Regulation”, prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and submitted to the evaluation of the logistics sector in April, draws attention with new provisions that will make the ‘digital transformation’ in road transport mandatory. Now, all documents of the loads to be transported by road will have to be digitally recorded within 6 hours at the latest. Another remarkable innovation in the regulation is that the responsibility for transportation covers not only the company carrying the cargo, but also the “loader”. Loaders will work with logistics companies that will follow their transportation operations with digital infrastructure.

With ‘digital transformation’, it is aimed to end unregistered

With the new regulation, it becomes clear that the informal economy, which creates unfair competition for all logistics companies that do their job in accordance with the rules and reaches 40%, will no longer be accepted. With the announcement of the draft regulation, it is seen that many logistics companies have already started to investigate what kind of infrastructure they will adapt to the next generation transportation laws waiting for them. TIRPORT Marketing Director Burcu Kale stated that with the online monitoring period that will start in the logistics sector, approximately 150 billion TL of unregistered income in the sector can be brought into the formal economy.

Logistics companies and loaders are preparing for the new regulation with ‘TIRPORT’

Noting that the logistics companies using TIRPORT manage all logistics operations digitally, Burcu Kale said:
“Thanks to the free TIRPORT membership, companies that have a digital management panel exclusive to them, monitor all their cargoes in location-based and real-time, and instantly digitally archive all their transport-related documents as required by the new regulation. In summary, the cargoes that the cargo companies carry with their contracted truckers; All documents such as waybill, invoice, delivery note are instantly uploaded to the system thanks to the ‘TIRPORT Mobile Application’. In this way, both logistics companies and freight forwarders can not only fulfill the legal obligations, but also ensure the tracking of their loads with high efficiency.

The logistics sector is preparing for Industry 4.0

Underlining that they are one of the few start-up projects in the world, Burcu Kale explained that they are preparing the industry for Industry 4.0 and said:
“Our TIRPORT ERP and Mobile Application, which we have implemented in accordance with the digital transformation needs of the logistics sector, continues to serve the sector intensively. The logistics sector is preparing for Industry 4.0 with TIRPORT applications”.