Goldman Sachs Invested 10 Million Dollars in Brazil’s Logistics StartUp, CARGOX!

Goldman Sachs Invested 10 Million Dollars in Brazil's Logistics StartUp, CARGOX!

CargoX, which is structured to create a network for truck and truck drivers in the Brazilian logistics sector, increased the investment fund support amount to 14 thousand dollars with the investment support of 10 thousand dollars from Goldman Sachs.

The Brazil-based “startup” became known as “UBER for Trucks” by analogy with another world-renowned app, UBER. In fact, it should be emphasized that there is another important investment support under this analogy because Oscar Salazary, one of the founding partners of UBER, is one of the investment supporters of CargoX.

CargoX has 150,000 truck and truck drivers in its network and other investors of CargoX include Valor Capital Group, Agility Logistics, Lumia Capital, Hans Hickler, former CEO of DHL Express US, and Salazar.

Source: Techcrunch