Giant Collaboration from TATKO and TIRPORT for the Future of Truck Tire Industry

Giant Collaboration from TATKO and TIRPORT for the Future of Truck Tire Industry

TATKO and TIRPORT reached more than 930 thousand trucks on the roads and signed an important cooperation that will bring together truckers with mobile technologies for all their needs, from roadside assistance to tire replacement.

Continuing its journey in the Turkish tire industry with its 95-year history, Tatko has signed an important business partnership with Tırport, which is ranked among the world’s leading logistics technologies. Tırport’s technological experience will be combined with Tatko’s strong network and innovation power in the tire industry, the digital transformation of the industry will accelerate with the synergy that will emerge, and individual truck owners will be able to find fast and convenient solutions for all kinds of tire needs in real-time, location-based.

Turkey Has Europe’s Largest Truck Market

Turkey has the largest truck market in Europe with more than 930 thousand trucks of 16 tons and above on the roads. Approximately 550 thousand of these trucks carry out commercial cargo transportation. 90% of freight transport in our country is done by highways. In Turkey, more than 450 thousand trucks are loaded every weekday. 85% of these loads are carried by individual truck owners. 1.2 million SRC certified truck drivers earn their living as a truck driver. There are drivers who own nearly 470,000 trucks in Turkey. Most of them are sole proprietorships. An average of 8-10 thousand km per month. they are carrying cargo. They issue bills between 70-120 thousand TL per month. Large logistics companies engaged in contract logistics carry out 80% of their daily FTL shipments with individual trucks that they supply daily from the spot.

“TATKO, together with TIRPORT Technologies, will be able to offer its services across the country by reaching hundreds of thousands of individual truckers instantly”

Vedat Özçelik, General Manager of Tatko Tire, made a statement about their cooperation; “Tatko, Turkey’s brand approaching 100 years; It is Turkey’s largest independent multi-brand tire chain with its wide product range consisting of automobile, commercial and off-road tires, and its sales points with the brands Lastikpark, HerLastik, LastikVS, LastikUstam and Point-S. Every year we sell millions of tires, service hundreds of thousands of vehicles and retread tens of thousands of tires. Our multi-brand service approach, which we offer with all brands of Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin and Prometeon, the global manufacturers that we have in our commercial tires portfolio, and Marshal, Goodride and Tegrys brands with exclusive contracts, up to 600 employees, our experience from our 95-year history and the sustainable digital products we have commissioned. We continue to inspire and lead the tire industry in Turkey with infrastructures, new investments and innovative solutions. In this sense, we attach great importance to the cooperation with Tırport, which carries the logistics management to digital and whose network is growing day by day.

Being an 'Intermodel Hub'; Will Create an Impact of 80 Billion Dollars

“Tatko and Tirport aim to reach half a million individual truckers in Turkey and 1.5 million global truckers in the middle logistics corridor with great strength and to be the first and closest solution that comes to mind”

Noting that Tırport has digitized the logistics industry end-to-end with its digital solutions supported by increased intelligence, Tırport Chairman of the Board Dr. Akın Arslan made the following statement: “Tırport gives cargo owners and logistics companies the power to manage all transportation operations from mobile to end with its technologies. In addition, all information about trucks, drivers and cargo, as well as commercial documents such as waybills and invoices can be accessed 24/7 from the Tırport Corporate application. With its enhanced intelligence-supported technologies, Tirport can generate location-based, real-time delivery reports, and monitor the driving performance on the road and the transport performance of the carrier with analytical criteria. It does all of this without attaching any device to the trucks, only with artificial intelligence supported mobile technologies. In Turkey, nearly 450 thousand trucks receive new loads every day, 90% of the trucks on the roads belong to individuals. It is very important for the trucker to be able to quickly reach the right load at the desired place and time. With its smart matching technologies, Tirport eliminates the problem of trucks returning empty, fills idle capacities, and thus prevents the wasteful release of thousands of tons of CO2 into nature every year. With this cooperation, individual trucks, numbering 470 thousand, will be able to access all Tatko’s services 24/7, with alternative solutions suitable for every need, thanks to Tırport’s technologies, and will be instantly informed about campaigns and opportunities”.