“Black Boxes” to Be Installed on Trucks Unveiled

"Black Boxes" to Be Installed on Trucks Unveiled

With the Vehicle Security System (AGS) it has developed, TIRPORT brings the “Black Box” standard to trucks, just like airplanes.

The project, carried out by TIRPORT with the support of the Turkish Drivers and Automobile Association, has reached its final stage. Similar to airplanes, “Black Boxes” called Vehicle Security System (AGS), which will record all navigational safety and provide instant access to real-time information on the vehicle, are ready for use in trucks and vehicles.

Our country, where there are approximately 850 thousand trucks and lorries registered to the traffic, is also the largest truck market in Europe.

92% of transportation in Turkey is done by road. But the real striking data is that 90% of the trucks on the roads are privately owned. This rate is quite high when compared to sector data in America and Europe. More than 1 million people take their bread directly to their homes by truck.

The safety of the truck and the load is extremely important in our country, where approximately 900 thousand trucks are loaded every day and where more than 2 thousand logistics companies organize this work.

TIRPORT, with its high-tech embedded Black Box developed specifically for trucks; It connects Payloaders with a real-time location-based security chain, with the insurance companies that insure the trucks and the cargo on them.

Vehicle Security System (AGS) includes a series of security equipment on top of the classic Vehicle Tracking System.

Features of “Black Boxes” with AGS:

Trucks on the road can be tracked on digital maps in real-time and location-based. Information such as pause, deceleration and acceleration are recorded in the system based on location. On the registered information of the vehicle, it can be seen from the system which point in the past, at what speed, where and how long the truck waited. All information is instantly transferred to the secure database defined in the cloud with the GSM and GPS modules within the body.
With the integrated bluetooth sensors, real-time monitoring of the products in the trailers, the required temperature and pressure status can be followed instantly. In case of a movement outside the defined standards, the companies responsible for the product and transportation can be automatically warned through the system.
4 cameras capable of HD shooting can be added to the black box of TIRPORT AGS. With these cameras, the driving situation can be recorded from the front and rear, as well as the interior of the trailer-cabin, if desired. This information is stored on the internal disk for up to 30 days. In addition, the owner of the cargo and the logistics company can access and monitor the navigation information of the truck they want online via their mobile phone.
One of the most important features that makes the black box a “black box” is the integrated G-Sensor (Impact Sensor). Thanks to this sensor, when the vehicle brakes very suddenly or has an accident, the black box instantly sends the navigation information of the last 1 minute and the images of 30 seconds after the accident to the secure platform in the cloud environment. In addition, the company that owns the cargo immediately warns the logistics company that carries out the transport and the insurance company that insures the vehicle with that load, with an instant message. When the link received on the mobile phone is clicked, the dynamic report of the accident and all the images recorded at the time of the accident can be viewed. Travel information is available.
With this kit; The Carrier, the trucker and the insurance company are surrounded on a platform. The insurance company does not wait for the accident reports to come before it to be informed about the accident. It saves time for transactions, real-fake accident distinction can be made. The insurance company’s risk drops to normal levels.
Insurance risks are minimized in vehicles with black boxes. Tens of millions of liras worth of damage payments stolen from insurance companies every year with false accident reports remain out of pocket. Again, the compensations they have to pay for the goods stolen from the logistics companies through various forgery games (truck with fake license plate-license, etc. documents) come to an end.

In summary, insurance companies are very warm to this system developed and implemented by TIRPORT. In recent years, especially in our country where traffic insurance premiums have increased a lot, this situation has brought insurance companies and vehicle owners face to face.

In the market where the traffic insurance of a normal truck is around 5-6 thousand TL, insurance premiums will decrease with the black box. Freight and road safety will increase. The driver, who is worried about his bread, and the counterfeiters whose sole aim is “theft” will be removed from the system quickly.