Because You Are Important To Us

Because You Are Important To Us

We are in a difficult time as humanity.

Unfortunately, our country, like 190 other countries, has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Schools were suspended.

Many workplaces have switched to remote working system.

Dozens of factories stopped production.

People over the age of 65 are restricted from going out on the street.

But despite everything, there is no emptying on the market shelves as in other countries.

There is no reduction in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our meat, milk, eggs did not decrease.

Couriers trying to deliver book orders to homes increased.

Newspapers are still on the shelves at the time.

Our medicines are in pharmacies…

The logistics chain, which is the main vein of life, is solid.

Many secret heroes, with their logistics company, trucker, warehouseman, courier, still continue to race against time and fight on the front line of this war to meet our daily needs on time.

They deserve a big round of applause.

As TIRPORT, we are happy to see how right we are on this path we set out with the motto of creating BENEFIT for these devoted people.

Digitizing its logistics management from end to end, TIRPORT has been prepared for today with the technologies it has developed. In these days when social distances are important, we are happy to be able to inform the load owners and load carriers from each other on smart phones.

As TIRPORT, which shapes the future of Logistics Management, in these difficult days; we help logistics companies, SMEs, OIZs, Carrier Cooperatives and our working trucker friends with location-based solutions.

With our TIRPORT LoadCepte Application, which can be installed on their smartphones, truckers are instantly informed of the cargo opportunities around them, and it also enables Freight Payers to reach available and reliable truckers in their immediate vicinity who are ready to transport their goods.

Because we know you are very important to us.