TIRPORT’s Birthday: We Are 7 Years Old Now (5 November 2015)

TIRPORT's Birthday: We Are 7 Years Old Now (5 November 2015)

7 years have passed in this journey we embarked on with my founding partners Burcu Kale and Hakan Özçubukcu to digitize and transform the logistics industry.

Within a week of naming the brand, we rented our office on November 11, and set off with 9 people in December 2015. We established our company GRN Lojistik Teknolojileri A.Ş. in June 2016.

At the end of 2018, we were selected by Create@Alibaba in China as one of the 20 Startups to become Unicorn.

We are ranked among the top 10 logistics technologies in Crunchbase. We are among 5 Digital Freight Networks in Europe.

Now, with our team of 80 people and new and foreign investors joining us on the road, we manage to transport more than 4500 FTL (full trucks) per day in 11 countries in the world, in 7 languages.

The number of truckers we made with TIRPORT has exceeded 108 thousand. We aim to be a giant family with 250 thousand truckers in 3 years, to run to 1.5 million truckers globally, and to have a market share of 7.5% in 5 years alone in Turkey, where 80 million dollars of freight is paid per day.

We turned TIRPORT into an exemplary technology entrepreneurship school. We invest in the young people we recruit, in a good system, effective leadership and learning environment, we make them feel valued and special by embroidering them. We are preparing for the high competition and technologies of tomorrow.