What is a Load Tracking Application / Program?

The cargo tracking application, also known as the cargo tracking program, allows cargo owners to track their cargo during the transportation process between the point of origin and the destination;

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Status (in transit, on halt, awaiting delivery, etc.)
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Delay, early arrival, etc. It is a software that provides information about unusual situations and is created to deliver the cargo on time and flawlessly as targeted.

With a cargo tracking program or application, the cargo owner is informed about the safe and timely delivery of the cargo to its destination. In this way, delays can be avoided and disruptions in the supply chain can be minimized.

What is TIRPORT Load Tracking Application?

TIRPORT’s freight tracking application is a service offered to TIRPORT customer freight forwarders. After the cargo owner, who is a free member of TIRPORT, enters the details of the cargo he wants to transport into the TIRPORT system, the status of the designated transportation vehicle starts to be tracked from the moment of the first loading. The cargo owner is provided with real-time and location-based detailed transportation information on the map. Estimated time of arrival, notifications of possible delays, etc. details can be viewed on the load owner’s screen.

The advantages that TIRPORT Load Tracking Application will provide you can be listed as follows:

Multi-Platform, Easily Accessible Infrastructure

The TIRPORT load tracking program can run as an app on your mobile phone or via the browser of your tablet or a laptop desktop computer. You don’t need to install additional hardware, get a telephone line and so on.

Real Time Monitoring

With TIRPORT, you can continuously monitor your vehicles in real time, intervene in waiting times and speed up your transportation processes, whether you have a single load or manage your fleet.

Manage your ongoing operations at home or abroad in real time from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

End-to-End Operation Management

Freight Tracking Application

You can manage your ongoing transportation operations from loading to unloading from a single location, be instantly notified of delays and disruptions, and complete your transportation with far fewer delays by finding solutions to problems in the field.

At TIRPORT, the entire journey of the cargo is digitally recorded end-to-end, enabling real-time and location-based reporting. Optimize your operational processes by easily accessing all kinds of company-specific reports you need.

Analyze efficiency on customer, line and fleet basis.

Digital Document Management

Digitalization of Transportation Documents with TIRPORT

At TIRPORT, all official documents of trucks and their drivers are digitized end-to-end. You can access these documents from your TIRPORT panel whenever you need them.

TIRPORT digitizes, records and makes all transportation documents accessible 24/7 through its application with its augmented intelligence-supported technologies.

From the waybill to the invoice, from the vehicle’s license to the SRC certificate, all information about the transport, vehicle and driver is digitally recorded in TIRPORT.