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Looking Back to 2022 with TIRPORT

In 2022, the global production volume exceeded 30 trillion dollars and the logistics market size exceeded 5.2 trillion dollars. After the pandemic, the Turkish Logistics Sector continues to grow both in transportation and storage. The market size is over 100…

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Logistics Companies Use TIRPORT for Operational Management

Logistics companies prefer TIRPORT, which leads the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry in operation management. 5 reasons why TIRPORT is preferred by logistics companies; 1. The power to digitally manage and report all shipping operations end-to-end With TIRPORT,…

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7 Advantages TIRPORT Technologies Provide for Shippers

Leading the end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics industry, Tırport enables logistics companies, manufacturers and truckers to effectively manage their current workflow processes with its technologies. Tırport, which is among the 3 leading digital platforms in Europe in logistics, provides…

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